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      Heaven On Earth in Africa's Zululand

      Extending from the blue waters of the Indian Ocean to the foothills of the Drakensberg Range, Zululand is as rich in history and culture as it is in wildlife at home in its diverse habitats. Once you discover the lush green hills, the long waving grasslands, and abundant forests which approach beautiful Indian Ocean beaches, you may appreciate the ferocity with which the Zulu (or ‘people of heaven’) defended this space against the British and Boer settlers in the late nineteenth century Zulu wars. Visit the Battlefields, set amid spectacular topography, and the site of one of the greatest military disasters in British history. On safari, enjoy reserves home to the Big Five, and many species of birds. And, meet today’s Zulu people, whose powerful culture may be experienced today through storytelling and praise-poems, and traditional song and dance.

      Activities at this Destination

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        What lies underneath the water's surface? Wild and wonderous species of fish you may never have seen before.

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        Cultural Connection

        A True Taste of Local Culture

        Get a better understanding with another culture. You're invited in to connect with a completely different lifestyle…a rare opportunity in life.

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        Horseback Riding

        On horseback, animals seem to accept you as part of their natural surroundings a little more. You can spend more time with them…and get a little closer.

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        Mountain Bike Safari

        Cycling amid the wild bush is an awesome, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Mountain bike safaris are tailored to suit the fitness and strength of the riders.

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        Scenic Helicopter Flight

        Buzz above the scenic landscape and get a bird's-eye view of wildlife. A scenic helicopter flight is a unparalleled way to experience Africa.

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        Head to the museum for an in-depth look at the world around you.

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        Family Friendly Activities

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        Educational Excursion

        Learn fascinating facts and understand the bigger picture. Knowledge can make safari viewing even more enthralling.

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        Outdoor Dining

        A lunch or dinner out in nature is one of the hallmarks of a luxury African experience. Your connection to the landscape is undisturbed and the food tastes even more special in this most wonderful of settings.

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