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      Tswalu Kalahari

      The Lively Desert

      Tswalu Kalahari is South Africa’s largest private game reserve, with the stated vision of simply ‘to restore the Kalahari to itself’. No more than thirty guests at a time can discover the beauty of this landscape, its diverse wildlife, and the serenity of what may well be South Africa’s last great wilderness. The nearly 400 square miles of wilderness is part of the vast Kalahari desert. The southern Kalahari receives somewhat more rain than the central Kalahari, allowing it to support a large diversity of life. Guests are likely to see more traditional safari such as zebra, buffalo giraffe, and white rhino, but Tswalu has quite a few unusual offerings, too. Antelope species include gemsbok, springbok, eland, red hartebeest and more. In addition, there are great opportunities to see rare species which are also seldom seen in the “usual” safari areas. These include roan and sable antelope, tsessebe, Hartmanns mountain zebra and, of particular interest, the desert black rhino.

      Activities at this Destination

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        Game Drive

        Head out into the wilderness to see the incredible daily drama of predator/prey and the ancient circle of life.

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        Night Drive

        At night, the nocturnal animals awaken and treat you to a show that daylight game drives miss.

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        Walking Safari

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        Cultural Connection

        A True Taste of Local Culture

        Get a better understanding with another culture. You're invited in to connect with a completely different lifestyle…a rare opportunity in life.

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        Curios/Fine Art Shopping

        Bring a Little of Africa Home

        Bring home a piece of Africa, whether it's a small momento or an incredible piece of art that captures how you feel in this incredible environment.

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        Horseback Riding

        On horseback, animals seem to accept you as part of their natural surroundings a little more. You can spend more time with them…and get a little closer.

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        Spa Service

        Treat yourself to a spa service. It's a great way to feel civilized in between wild experiences.

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        Family Friendly Activities

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        Photo Specialty

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        Outdoor Dining

        A lunch or dinner out in nature is one of the hallmarks of a luxury African experience. Your connection to the landscape is undisturbed and the food tastes even more special in this most wonderful of settings.

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