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      Quirimbas Archipelago

      Private Island Getaways

      Located off the coast of Mozambique, the Quirimbas Archipelago is a scattering of islands, 12 larger, and 20 smaller in size, dotting the azure waters of the Indian Ocean. As stunning as it is largely unknown, the archipelago is on a tentative list for UNESCO World Heritage Site status. Here you’ll find all the comforts of luxury resorts, warm white sandy beaches, and world-class diving. The pristine island settings and their atmospheric lodges with attentive staff are private havens for the lucky few who stay there. Protected reefs offer some of the most spectacular snorkeling and diving in the world. Gaze at the dolphins, often spotted from boats throughout the year, track down humpback whales on their seasonal migration past the island’s shores (July to November), or observe nesting turtles (November through April). Get to know your home island through birding and nature walks through baobab groves, kayaking through mangroves, or enjoying an intimate beach picnic. Alternatively, board a Mozambican sailing dhow and go island hopping with a guide, or explore by kayak. Whichever island you choose to call home, you are assured of one of the most private, stunning beach getaways imaginable, and as much or as little activity as you desire before or after your Southern African safari experience.

      Activities at this Destination

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        Glide along the water in your silent, people-powered craft, getting a little closer to the animals before they hear you coming.

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        What lies underneath the water's surface? Wild and wonderous species of fish you may never have seen before.

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        Cultural Connection

        A True Taste of Local Culture

        Get a better understanding with another culture. You're invited in to connect with a completely different lifestyle…a rare opportunity in life.

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        Curios/Fine Art Shopping

        Bring a Little of Africa Home

        Bring home a piece of Africa, whether it's a small momento or an incredible piece of art that captures how you feel in this incredible environment.

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        There is a different world waiting for you below the surface, and safaris there can be much more colorful.

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        Spa Service

        Treat yourself to a spa service. It's a great way to feel civilized in between wild experiences.

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        Family Friendly Activities

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        Photo Specialty

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        Outdoor Dining

        A lunch or dinner out in nature is one of the hallmarks of a luxury African experience. Your connection to the landscape is undisturbed and the food tastes even more special in this most wonderful of settings.

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