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      The Desert Carnivore Experience

      Okonjima, just north of Windhoek, Namibia, seems like a collection of camps in the middle of the wild desert. But there is a neat story attached to this place. For many years VJ and Rose Hansen were cattle farmers on the Okonjima Farm, but they were experiencing unsustainable stock losses due to hungry leopards, as well as the poor grazing conditions. They turned to researching the predators’ behavior for a better solution. They also took in the leopards and cheetahs caught in traps by their neighbors: The Africat Welfare Program was born. Over time, the program transformed Okonjima into a private reserve, and it changed the face of carnivore conservation. Today, Okonjima is an excellent place to witness the incredible story of survival in these incredibly harsh conditions.

      Activities at this Destination

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        Cultural Connection

        A True Taste of Local Culture

        Get a better understanding with another culture. You're invited in to connect with a completely different lifestyle…a rare opportunity in life.

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        Educational Excursion

        Learn fascinating facts and understand the bigger picture. Knowledge can make safari viewing even more enthralling.

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        Family Friendly Activities

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        Game Drive

        Head out into the wilderness to see the incredible daily drama of predator/prey and the ancient circle of life.

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        Game-Viewing Hide

        When the animals can't see you, they go about their business as if you aren't even there. A game or photo hide allows you to get closer for some incredible views and photos.

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        Night Drive

        At night, the nocturnal animals awaken and treat you to a show that daylight game drives miss.

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        Scenic Helicopter Flight

        Buzz above the scenic landscape and get a bird's-eye view of wildlife. A scenic helicopter flight is a unparalleled way to experience Africa.

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        Walking Safari

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