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      Caprivi Strip

      A Wildlife Haven at the Confluence of Four Rivers

      Look at a map of Africa, and you will see that Namibia’s border extends eastward like a finger tapping Zimbabwe on its shoulder. This narrow protrusion of land is Namibia’s Caprivi Strip bordered by four of Africa’s most famous rivers: the Okavango, Kwando, Chobe and Zambezi rivers. Within Namibia the Caprivi Strip provides significant habitat for the critically endangered wild African dog, but it also serves a valuable role by creating a corridor for African elephant moving from Botswana and Namibia into Angola, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The vegetation in this region is lush, reminiscent of Botswana and Zambia rather than Namibia, and big game, including water-loving species like hippo, crocodile, sable, waterbuck, reedbuck and buffalo, largely absent from the rest of Namibia, are all found here. Safari camps take advantage of the serene riverine setting to offer boating safaris on the Chobe River, as well as fishing, and sunset cruises. Poised as they are on the edge of Botswana’s famed Chobe National Park, Caprivi Strip safari camps offer game drives in search of the park’s abundant wildlife which includes 50,000 elephants, plus 164 mammal species including giraffe, wild dog, leopard, cheetah, jackal, hyena and one of the greatest zebra migrations in Africa.

      Activities at this Destination

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        Cultural Connection

        A True Taste of Local Culture

        Get a better understanding with another culture. You're invited in to connect with a completely different lifestyle…a rare opportunity in life.

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        Curios/Fine Art Shopping

        Bring a Little of Africa Home

        Bring home a piece of Africa, whether it's a small momento or an incredible piece of art that captures how you feel in this incredible environment.

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        Family Friendly Activities

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        What lies underneath the water's surface? Wild and wonderous species of fish you may never have seen before.

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        Game Drive

        Head out into the wilderness to see the incredible daily drama of predator/prey and the ancient circle of life.

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        Game Viewing by Boat

        Ride along the rivers edge to see which animals stop by for a drink.

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        Outdoor Dining

        A lunch or dinner out in nature is one of the hallmarks of a luxury African experience. Your connection to the landscape is undisturbed and the food tastes even more special in this most wonderful of settings.

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        Scenic Helicopter Flight

        Buzz above the scenic landscape and get a bird's-eye view of wildlife. A scenic helicopter flight is a unparalleled way to experience Africa.

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