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      Mana Pools

      Zimbabwe’s Favorite National Park

      If you ask a Zimbabwean about her favorite national park, she will often say Mana. Mana means four in Shona and refers to the four large pools formed by the winding river. It is very scenic. The back drop is the blue Zambezi escarpment which lies to the north. In the foreground is the Zambezi River which is a mile wide in places and full of hippos and crocs. Along the banks of the river are beautiful acacia albida trees under which big bull elephants hang out with herds of buffalo and impala. You can game drive here, but the best is walking through the riverine forests with your professional Zimbabwean guide and seeing big game on foot. You can take boat trips and canoe safaris on the Zambezi and capture water-level photos of elephant antics. This is also excellent leopard country.

      Activities at this Destination

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        What lies underneath the water's surface? Wild and wonderous species of fish you may never have seen before.

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        Game Drive

        Head out into the wilderness to see the incredible daily drama of predator/prey and the ancient circle of life.

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        Game Viewing by Boat

        Ride along the rivers edge to see which animals stop by for a drink.

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        Outdoor Dining

        A lunch or dinner out in nature is one of the hallmarks of a luxury African experience. Your connection to the landscape is undisturbed and the food tastes even more special in this most wonderful of settings.

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        Walking Safari

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        Photo Specialty

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        Glide along the water in your silent, people-powered craft, getting a little closer to the animals before they hear you coming.

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        Night Drive

        At night, the nocturnal animals awaken and treat you to a show that daylight game drives miss.

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        Off-Road Game Viewing

        In national parks and some other reserves, rules prohibit leaving the designated safari paths. But the wildlife are not always considerate enough to stay nearby. Get better vantages (and better photos) by heading off-road.

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        Game-Viewing Hide

        When the animals can't see you, they go about their business as if you aren't even there. A game or photo hide allows you to get closer for some incredible views and photos.

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