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      Wild Dog

      Africa’s Most Efficient Hunter

      Nearly 80 percent of all wild dog hunts end in a kill. The success rate of lions is only 30 percent. The success of wild dog hunts is due, in part, to their military-like coordination in movement and attack. They use vocal signals to stay in synch. Some studies point to a wild dog hunting “culture,” passed on from generation to generation. This could be another reason they are such successful hunters: They learn from experience and keep a growing body of hunting techniques within the pack. Wild dogs face competition from larger predators, like lions and hyenas. While there is no question the dogs are better hunters, their kills can be stolen by these larger animals, or lions will sometimes kill African wild dogs to remove the competition. There were once approximately 500,000 African wild dogs, sometimes in packs of 100 or more. Now there are only about 5,000. For all of these reasons wild dogs are an exciting sighting on safari.

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