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Bushtracks Offices

Our American Office

Bushtracks Expeditions
824 Healdsburg Avenue
Healdsburg, CA 95448

Toll free: 1-800-995-8689
International: 707-433-4492
Fax: 707-433-0258

Office Hours:
Mon-Fri 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM PST


Our UK Office

22 Deodar Road
Putney, London, SW15 2NN
United Kingdom

Office Hours:
Mon-Fri 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM BST (GMT +1)


Our Africa Office

Phone: +27 21 433 2752

Office Hours:
Mon-Fri 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM SAST (GMT +2)


Our People

As much as we hope you love our Trip Builder, there is no substitute for the human touch in safari planning. Our trip planners have the experience and knowledge needed to ensure that your safari is the trip of a lifetime.

We’re proud to introduce our expert team.


Founder and President

David is a sixth-generation Southern African, born and raised in Harare, Zimbabwe, later earning a Bachelor of Science degree in DNA technology from the University of Cape Town, South Africa. He founded Bushtracks Expeditions in 1989 and has been traveling extensively throughout Africa for more than 45 years. Combining his interest in ecosystems and the varied ecology of Africa with photographic safaris, he develops educational programs that include traditional cultures and wildlife. He is keenly interested in how nature tourism affects rural African communities and has worked with several projects that successfully integrate communities, the environment, and wildlife viewing.





Co-Founder and Vice President

Carolyn’s family has lived on the West Coast of the U. S. for six generations. She attended the University of California, Berkeley and, during her junior year, she studied at the University of St. Andrew’s in Scotland. While in the U.K, Carolyn met a charming and adventurous Zimbabwean, David Tett, who captivated her heart and instilled in her the fascination and thrill of travel, which they still share today. Many years, countless trips to Africa and two children later, Carolyn serves as the bridge between American sensibilities and David's grass-roots understanding of Africa. She is still active in sales and is a vigilant protector of the Bushtracks experience, continually working to ensure that our quality never wavers. Her passion for Africa and relentless demand for excellence have allowed us to maintain our high-level service as we've grown in the past 20 years, and will continue as we grow over the next two decades.





Division Specialist
Independent Travel

Africa safari tours are all about animals and adventure. And so is Samantha. She studied marine biology at university, is a certified SCUBA diver and worked at a sport fishing lodge in Costa Rica for two and a half years.

Some of her favorite trips have been to Rwanda (to spend time with gorillas), Brazil (to spot jaguars) and Kenya and Tanzania (to see too many animals to name.)

When she’s not traveling or working, she also spends quite a bit of time riding horses. And not to be without animals while she works, Sam often brings her very personable greyhound, Libby, to the office.

If you’re looking for animals and adventure, Sam's expansive experience and enthusiasm for adventure make her a superb person to help you plan your Africa safari luxury vacation.




Program Coordinator

Autumn has been creating incredible safaris for Bushtracks travelers since 2006. She focuses on custom safaris for groups of friends and families, including many large, multi-generational family groups. One of her greatest strengths is in ensuring that families have a shared experience, while catering to the individual needs of children and adults. In a twist on the old phrase, you can’t plan for travelers unless you’ve walked a mile in their shoes: Autumn has traveled extensively through South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana.

Her love for travel is rivaled only by her love for family. She and her husband James, a small business owner, have a wonderful young daughter who is also an adventure!





Division Specialist
Group Programs

Theresa oversees our group travel programs, putting more than ten years of group planning expertise into creating exciting adventures with a smooth travel experience. During her time at the helm of the Santa Barbara Museum of Art’s travel program, she honed her skills in both trip development and operations, and had the pleasure of serving as tour manager for museum groups to destinations all over the world.

Theresa would like to point out why some guests choose to travel on our small group adventures.  Years of careful planning have developed a proven itinerary with the absolute best experiences. There are new friends to be made, sharing experiences with like-minded travelers with whom you often develop lifelong friendships. Expert leaders share their vast firsthand knowledge, manage tricky logistics for you and handle all arrangements so you can relax and enjoy!




Operations Director


Lyn has been with Bushtracks since 2005, becoming an expert, not just in the wild areas of Africa and India, but in how travelers best enjoy those places. Her travels throughout India, South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe have given her personal experience in a wide variety of camps and ecosystems.

Lyn is our director of operations, ensuring that a focus on client needs permeates our entire company culture. She is a watchful eye as details flow through the office, a skilled firefighter if an emergency arises, and an expert educator in incorporating our experience into planning procedure.




Associate Program

Anna has worked in administration support for years but she has also been a teaching tennis pro, with more than 40 years of competitive play. So if we ever enter an office Olympics, you can be sure we’ll win at least one event.

More applicably, Anna loves to travel and has spent her birthday in various places around the world, including a very special 16th birthday climbing up the pyramids in Egypt. It’s the benefit of having an airline pilot as a father. She even got to fly in the cockpit on a trip from LHR to JFK. (Interesting fact: Anna is one of two daughters of airline workers in the office. Theresa is the other.)

Anna's fondness for travel allows her to provide excellent support to the Bushtracks family of planners, travelers and guides.





Website and Data Support

Bushtracks planners are some of the best in the business. And one of the reasons why is that they have the best support in the business. Kasey provides the structure which allows a free flow of information and expertise among everyone at Bushtracks, which is critical in our mission to provide the absolute best luxury African safari experience possible. Her knowledge of logistics and itinerary planning allows her to stay a step ahead of what everyone needs.

At home, Kasey and her husband Danny (who is a chef) enjoy cooking together and, whenever possible, visiting the farmer’s market. Prior to joining Bushtracks, she spent ten years working with adults with developmental disabilities in Sonoma County in a residential care home.





Marketing Content Manager

Although she’s lived and traveled abroad, Deborah finds most of her travel inspiration at home around the dinner table, where French, Swedish, and Danish family members and international winemaking friends routinely fuel her interest in the world beyond with vivid insider accounts of off-the-beaten path places. In telling the Bushtracks story, and sharing Bushtracks remarkable adventures, Deborah hopes to ignite the same spark of wanderlust in others.  

Her journey to Bushtracks marketing has wound an itinerant path from her education at Duke University, the University of Paris, and the University of Washington, to a decade of marketing in the wireless telecommunications industry, and four years with Bushtracks, where she daily learns something new and wonderful about the natural world she loves exploring in her free time.





Digital Marketing Manager



Like an online safari guide, Liz, helps travelers navigate the often complex landscape of African travel by keeping www.bushtracks.com up to date and creating online communities where returning Bushtracks travelers can continue their adventures by learning more about Africa and connecting with others who love all things African.

When she’s not busy blogging about the latest goings-on in Kenya or Zambia, you’ll find Liz enjoying the company of her three little girls, husband and kennel of golden retrievers. Prior to joining Bushtracks in 2013, Liz spent the last decade exploring the uncharted terrain of digital marketing and information technology, creating online marketing roadmaps and platforms, and teaching part time as an Assistant Professor at Dominican University of California.


Financial Manager


Numbers are Karen’s thing. She started her career as an office manager in a law firm, but found herself drawn to the numbers side of the business. She became a partner in a boutique financial planning firm before giving in to her passions and starting an accounting practice of her own. Her precise work ensures that when you travel with Bushtracks, the finances of your trip are behind you and you can focus on the fascination.

Karen’s other passion is travel, and now she’s able to combine her interests into accounting for Bushtracks. Karen and her husband, Jules, have enjoyed trips throughout Europe, Canada and many islands in Hawaii. Africa is still on their bucket list.