Sandi Passalacqua

Tom Passalacqua

Founder, Head of School at The Healdsburg School Attorney and Wine-Grape Grower
"Someday, I will walk out of a tent, and see Mt. Kilimanjaro!"

Our Story

“As a very young girl, my passion for Africa was ignited through autobiographical books and novels depicting the history and wonders of Kenya; the Mara, Chyulu Hills, and specifically Mt. Kilimanjaro. I told my parents at the time, that ‘Someday, I will walk out of a tent, and see Mt. Kilimanjaro!’

The years did not diminish the desire to realize that experience. That day finally came, 60 years later, when, in June of 2012, my dream was fulfilled, and was shared with my husband, children and grandchildren. The morning that I stepped out of a tent in Campi Ya Kanzi and saw Mt Kili rising majestically before me was truly an emotional moment.

However, this trip was a transformational experience for all 12 of us. The three generations, 73 to 4 years of age, greatly appreciated the custom-designed safari honed so carefully by David and Carolyn to address our particular interests; culturally, environmentally, and educationally.

The extensions of care and attention to details by Bushtracks were extraordinary, providing our family of 7 adults and 5 children with very meaningful grounded interactions that included pen-pals, visits to schools, multiple exchanges with Maasai villagers, and close encounters with orphaned elephants. The amazing game viewing in the Mara and Chyulu Hills, with majestic scenery is an adventure one has to personally encounter, and cannot be adequately described by words.

We were all touched deeply by this rich African adventure, and as we tipped our wings to Kilimanjaro in ‘adieu,’ there was the sense of loss; of leaving a part of ourselves behind. We are already discussing the return to Africa; further safaris, interactions, and explorations of this amazing continent. There is no doubt that we will certainly depend on the talents and caring hands of Bushtracks to guide us!”